RiceAdvice Lite is a decision support tool based on the results and experience gathered form the use of the full Android APP version of RiceAdvice (also available form the Play Store) in Africa on a large scale over the last few years. Analyzing thousands and thousands of advices has enabled us to develop RiceAdvice Lite.

RiceAdvice Lite gives proven pre-season recommendations on fertilizer and other management practices for rice cultivation and other rotational crops in rice based systems for various locations, based on a very minimum amount of information to be provided by the farmer on location, crop and environment which will take around 1-5 minutes to complete. Currently RiceAdvice Lite includes the following countries: Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Senegal, and onion and tomato are included for dry season in Senegal River Valley, Senegal.

Impact studies showed that using RiceAdvice increases yields (by 7–20%), profits (by 10–23%) and nutrient use efficiency (American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 103(2): 596–619.). So why not give it a try yourself ?

RiceAdvice lite exists in two versions:

  1. Android APP (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cocapacity.riceadvicelite)
  2. Web APP (https://lite.riceadvice.info)

1. Android APP

  • After installation, no active internet connection is required during use in the field.
  • RiceAdvice Lite switches between English and French depending on your default device language.

2. Web APP

  • No download required
  • One can switch manually between English and French
  • The advices are enriched with graphics

RiceAdvice Lite is provided free of charge.