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Please check the locations on the map to check where RiceAdvice has been tested and disseminated. It is noted that field testing was not completed in all the countries above. In those countries and locations which RiceAdvice was not tested, do not use this tool for your field or farmers’ fields before its validation.

RiceAdvice is an Android based decision support tool for providing farmers with pre-season field-specific management guidelines for rice production systems in Africa.

The guidelines include target yieldnutrient managementcrop calendar and good agricultural practices.

Up to early 2017, more than 20,000 RiceAdvice guidelines have been generated. 15.000 + in Nigeria, followed by Mali and Senegal. Farmers using RiceAdvice report yield gains between 0.6 - 1.8 tons per hectare, and income gains between $100 - $200 per ha. Over 95% of the farmers want to continue using RiceAdvice.